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Unromantic romantic songs: what are your favorites?

Embarrassing admission: DudeJeans and I are starting to get serious about "hey we need to get this marriage thing done," and so every so often I secretly think about wedding playlists. Now, we have a friend's band we'd want to play (other than the fact that the wedding would/will be outside in the mountains somewhere, not many other specifics are for sure, but we both agree on that one). But for times when the band isn't on, songs are needed, and so I have an informal catalogue of tunes we like, many of which are themed around our state (my adopted home state, he's 4th generation here).

All of this is to say that I just love this song. The town (which is more of a vague square mile of abandoned houses) referenced in the song is 30 minutes away from where we live. Of course, living in a small state, you run into complications such as: DudeJeans and I are not technically supposed to like this artist due to a personal disagreement he had long ago with a family member.


Anyway, it's kind of sad and weird and bittersweet in the vein of "Hold On" by Tom Waits, and I think it's great:

What are your favorite non-sappy, oddball, unhealthy, sad & desperate love tunes?

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