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Boobs and science from the always-important male POV

Here is the comment that is the best example of mansplaining that has ever actually happened. Welcome to, "Some Dude's Thoughts on Why All Women Who Wear Bras Are Wrong."***

then your experience is wrong.

as a matter of fact breasts should be moving around, they were meant to. if they don't move then the naturally supporting ligaments will get weaker and atrophy which will then cause the breasts to hurt when they aren't supported.

if a pair of breasts were never supported then they would actually sag less and not hurt because those supporting ligaments get stronger even during physical activities like sports.


Original post also said (thanks MissyPants!):

I literally can't unshare that! Also, shared because hello that is the best real life example of mansplaining ever. (Though I would have liked to have added an introduction.)


Because I shared the comment but didn't get an option to caption it, etc.

*** Link removed at the request of someone concerned about pile-ons. I too am anti pile-on. Fuck piers.


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