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Donations to help Mike Brown's family and the Ferguson community

So, residents of St. Louis have been doing food drives for the cops because, you know, they have to work all night and omg how are they going to take care of their families.

At least three local markets in Ferguson and Dellwood have been looted. While there are a few dollar stores, there isn't much else for groceries along this area until you get to the southern end of W. Florissant in Ferguson.

Schools in Ferguson and Florissant also have been cancelled for the week. For many families, that's a lot of meals to cover.


Here's a link to a fundraiser for students in and around Ferguson:


I haven't seen anything yet focused on the community as a whole except St. Stephen's food drive last weekend.

ETA: Thank you so much Owl_is_lost and nothip for the links to assist the family and community!

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