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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Surely, there are people in your life who need to be told something (even though they don’t actually need it). So, take the time to tell them in an anonymous forum they will never see.

Also, unsolicited advice can’t be wrong. You might think it can be because you disagree with it, but you’re wrong. You know how I know that? I just told you without solicitation and am therefore right....so take that circular reasoning.


I’ll start:

Person whose work I have been editing all week: Stop using “bevy” and “whereby.” It’s great that you learned a couple of new words, but you have to stop using them in every post that you write. Also, you are using “whereby” wrong.

People in general: Stop it with the tattoo chokers. They are tacky. You can do better.

People I write for: Please, post better article topics. That “fascinating things about Emma Stone” assignment has been on the list for four months. No one is going to write it.

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