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Welcome To The Bitchery

My BF and I were talking about dick pics, because he has never sent me one and I have never sent him a naughty pic. I told him how I have never received a wanted dick pic, but plenty of unwanted ones. They were all from guys I knew, a couple from guys I was in the early stages of dating. I had only hooked up with two of these guys prior to dick pics, and NONE of them after dick pics.

Furthermore, he was shocked - SHOCKED - to learn that I have received FOUR TIMES as many unwanted dick pics as I have received bouquets of flowers (from romantic or potentially romantic partners). I am not old-fashioned, so flowers are not that important to me, but seriously. Deaths in my family, trips to the hospital, nervous break downs, job losses - and still, more dick pics.


So, friends:
1) Number of unsolicited dick pics received in entire life
2) Number of flower bouquets received in entire life from dick havers
3) Any thoughts on this?

For the record, I am not really a sucker for chivalry but you get the point.

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