Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This audition is teeny. If I won the job, the pay would not cover the cost of commute, and I'd have to miss work once or twice a month back at home. I mostly came to this audition because it's a.) right by the last place I lived and b.) one of my favorite people is having a birthday this weekend. (I was able to use the audition as a pretext to come hang out with my favorite lady and her ridiculously hilarious kid.)

The drive was long. There was a car literally on fire that stopped traffic for about an hour, so it was longer. The friend who was keeping me company on the phone quipped, "It's times like these you realize no matter how bad your day is, at least your car isn't on fire."

Since there weren't any ambulances in sight, we decided it was ok to giggle at this.

There is a town between there and here that I like to call The Terrible. The Terrible has been under construction since I moved back from the West Coast six or seven years ago. The Terrible Construction added another hour and a half to the drive.

I got in at 1:30, but there was a time change. So I got in at 2:30. My audition is soonish. I kind of want to practice. Or sleep. Or practice sleep. (It's happened.)

Sometime in the car, I got ridiculously attached to winning this damned thing. Which is stupid, because I did not prepare to win. I prepared to come have a birthday party. And also: ridiculous monthly commute.


None of these things are important but I'm alone in a dirty hotel room and I'm too scared to get in the shower.



(Actual photo of last audition)

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