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Unsolicited recipe recommendation: the best pasta sauce evarrrr

Seriously, have you made this yet? Go. Go make this for dinner tonight, or go make it and then stick it in the freezer/fridge for when you're too lazy to make dinner from scratch.

Butter + tomatoes + onions + salt. Done. Stick it on the stove, poke at it every so often, and in about an hour you have a giant pot of deliciousness. Bonus: the onions get all soft and sweet and you can chop them up and just eat them, not that I would ever do such a thing of course.


Side note: What do we have to do to get a food kinja going around here? Or is there one and I just don't know about it? (Other than this one, which doesn't seem to have been updated since the dawn of NuKinja.)

ETA: Also, if you make a lot of it (like, say, you're making a massive batch with your food club but it doesn't cook down fast enough so you take it back and cook it on your dorm stove and then have to figure out what to do with a giant pot of tomato sauce), you can freeze it in little servings and then just add it to some veggie/chicken broth for delicious tomato soup.

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