Look, it's this new thing!

There's a huge community here and a lot of us are writers or artists or musicians, or we sell on etsy or whatever the new hip thing is to sell on that olds like me don't know about. I've seen the occasional post here and there about people wanting to promote things they're involved with while not wanting to violate any GT rules (you're not!). So we'll be instituting a weekly thread where you can link anything you want if you want to give yourself a little pat on the back.

I'll start: Persephone Magazine is hosting a Flowers in the Attic re-read discussion and live viewing party thread for the Lifetime Movie this weekend. I know that you read this book. Don't pretend you didn't. Please join us over on P-Mag for gossiping and reminiscing!

Edit: It was a busy GT day yesterday, so I'm reposting for more people to share their work.