So, I have HOMEWORK from therapy. (Yeah, yeah, you gotta do the work if you want to get healthy. shaddap.) Wanna know what my homework is?

1) Research Narcissistic Personality Disorder, because that's certainly something Asshole had from Day 1. (You see that "from Day 1 part? That means someone (*ahem* ME) is actually recognizing that the relationship, and especially Asshole, were unhealthy BEFORE his substance abuse issues. Lookit that progress!)

2) I have been instructed to buy a battery operated friend and masturbate. Or rather, "get to know my body" so that I'll be ready for healthy sexual activity when I eventually start a relationship with "a normal man." "Normal" is the therapist's word, not mine. Something about his use of that word to differentiate from Asshole just tickles me. Not "healthy." "NORMAL." Which means Asshole is NOT NORMAL.


3) I'm supposed to keep coming here and talking to y'all. Because you're clearly helpful. Isn't that nice?