Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The audition was near to my old homeland, and therefore near to one of my favorite humans. She was kind enough to swing through town and spend the afternoon with me.

Her life is kind of crap right now, so it was great to talk about it with her in real life. Even when we're talking serious stuff, she's one of those folks it's just comfortable to be around. I feel like she likes me, even when I'm not trying that hard. (And I hope she knows I love her no matter how complicated her life is.)

We had mango margaritas at the only place in the world that makes mango into an acceptable margarita, and she had to leave. I'm alone in my stinky hotel room, feeling a little nostalgic and just buzzed enough to be chatty.

I bring you this token (it is now my anthem for beloved friend).

If you aren't into musical montages? Then you get this:


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