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Unspoiled Children React to Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets Movie Edition

Book-wise, we're in the middle of Goblet of Fire. The other schools should be arriving in the next chapter. The Bots think Mad-Eye Moody is a little too harsh, but at least knows his stuff, so that's an improvement on most previous DADA teachers. They also are quite sure that Harry is somehow going to end up being in the Triwazard Tournament, despite not being old enough. They don't think he's going to enter, at least not on purpose, but will still end up competing.

Today they got to watch the Chamber of Secrets movie (Thanks, ABC Family channel at Nana's house!) and they had a few issues with it. Spoiler alert: The Nanobots did not approve of the way the book of turned into a film.

1) Megabyte is dissatisfied with the way many of the characters looked. Lockhart's lack of hats was disturbing, as well as Myrtle's voice. This is one of the few times I disagree with Megabyte on the movies. Branagh was born to play Lockhart, and I adore Moaning Myrtle.


2) They did not like the basilisk. It was too stony and non-snake-like. Also, Riddle's statement that the basilisk can still hear Harry even without eyes made Megabyte erupt into a diatribe about how snakes feel vibrations, and while they CAN hear, the basilisk would be much more likely to be relying on its sense of smell and its ability to sense heat to find Harry. Well, sure, kiddo, but then the whole "throw a rock to distract it" trick wouldn't have worked, and we wouldn't have had our full quota of tired movie tropes.

3) Kilobyte points out that Harry wears glasses and that if all it takes to not be killed by the basilisk is to see it indirectly, wouldn't glasses count?

4) The Bots are a bit confused as to how this massive sink edifice was constructed without anyone noticing the huge hole underneath it. And who had the lovely snakes carved so meticulously into the tap? That bathroom has not been there for the past 1000 years. It's a bit more believable in the book that a bathroom would just happen to be built over the entrance, and the scratched picture of a snake could easily have been left by Tom Riddle himself as a reminder of which sink was over the entrance.

5) And speaking of Tom Riddle. Granted, it wasn't exactly common knowledge that Tom Riddle was Lord Voldemort, but it wasn't a secret, either. So, how is it that no one put together that the Chamber was opened WHILE LORD VOLDEMORT WAS A STUDENT? How did his award not get taken away retroactively? And Hagrid given his wand back?


6) And why doesn't the wizarding world have some sort of GED program that Hagrid could have gone through after his innocence was proven?

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