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Unspoiled Children React to Harry Potter: Part 3

We have now reached the middle of Chamber of Secrets.

The Nanobots were both suitably surprised by the appearance of Quirrel as the baddie at the end of Sorcerer's Stone, and extremely excited at the prospect of Harry being able to threaten Dudley with magic all summer. The last time I saw them that excited was Christmas.


So, we started in on Chamber of Secrets. They were both immediately disappointed that Harry has been unable to have a better summer. They were certain that he hadn't gotten any letters because Malfoy was playing a trick. They found Dobby very funny, and agree that he probably belongs to Malfoy and was acting on orders to get Harry into trouble.

Now that we have started to get a little bit into the actual mystery, they can start having some theories.


Mommy: Who do you think the Heir is the Heir of?

Kilobyte: Voldemort?

Megabyte: NO. Voldemort wouldn't have an heir. To have an heir you have to think you're going to die. Voldemort probably is the heir of someone else.


Mommy: So, do you still think Voldemort is the heir?

Megabyte: Maybe.

Kilobyte. I think it's Malfoy.

Mommy: What kind of monster is guarding the chamber?

Kilobyte: Some kind of snake.

Megabyte: A big, magical, mythological snake. Maybe a Hydra? They're snake-like. OH! You know what would be cool? A tjesu heru!


Mommy: I doubt it would be an Egyptian monster, sweetie.

Megabyte: It would still be cool.


Mommy: What do you think of Lockhart?


Megabyte: Pffft.

Mommy: Don't you think he's an expert?

Both: No.

Kilobyte: He's making it all up.

Megabyte: Yeah. Oh, let me just go back to my room and read my autobiography ten more times because I'm so awesome but I might forget some of the things I've done because I didn't really do them. I like lilac! I'm annoying! I don't know what the heck I'm talking about! I have pictures of myself all over my walls! Here, I'll sign one for you!


Mommy: Anything else?

Megabyte: I wouldn't take the polyjuice potion.

Mommy: Why?

Megabyte: What if you got stuck looking like a Slytherin your whole life? Or if it was just for a few days, and you couldn't act like that for long enough? Or if you changed back in the middle of the Slytherin Common Room and then everyone would know.


Kilobyte: They should disguise themselves as Crabbe and Goyle; that would be the best.

Megabyte: I still think there's a better way. Polyjuice sounds too iffy to me. I wouldn't do it.


Mommy: But they need a teacher to sign off on letting them get the right book first, anyway. Which teacher would be stupid enough to do that?

Kilobyte: Lockhart.

Megabyte: Yeah, Hermione just has to tell him how great he is and he'll give her permission in a minute.


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