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I have very little to report since last update, but I have to share two things:

We have just finished the chapter where we learn about Sirius Black being the Potter's secret keeper, and we're supposed to be sure that Black is the worstest baddie in the history of baddies. But Kilobyte thinks there is more to Sirius Black's history than we've been told. He brings these pieces of evidence to the table: a) Black tried to get into Gryffinor Tower while everyone was at the feast. He's clearly not so stupid that he wouldn't know it was Halloween and that no one would be there. Kilobyte does admit that Black might have been sneaking in to hide and lie in wait, but still thinks the whole thing is fishy. b) A man who could kill 13 people with one curse could easily take down Hagrid, so why let Harry go and even HELP Hagrid get him to safety? (Isn't he a smartie?)


Megabyte is planning a cartoon of dementors on their lunch break. I have promised him that I will post it here when he finishes. Don't say I never did nuthin' for y'all.

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