We have now made it to the middle of chapter 12, and the Bots are loving it.

They are VERY distrustful of Snape, and fully convinced that he is trying to steal whatever Fluffy is guarding. The fact that the giant three-headed dog is named "Fluffy" elicited howls of laughter. When Hagrid mentioned buying Fluffy from a "Greek chappie" Megabyte yelled out, "It IS Cerberus!! I KNEW it!!"

The Bots both think Hagrid is very bad at keeping secrets, and that this is extremely funny. They are very interested in who Nicolas Flamel is, and quickly realized that Harry had seen the name on a chocolate frog card. They have now stolen the book so that they can scour the chapters we've already been through and see if they can figure out who he is before Harry and company do.