On the MP article written by the secret celebrity "paid friend." Why? Why am I constantly caught off guard by how negative and vicious ALL the comment threads are? OH YEAH, BECAUSE IN NUKINJA, THOSE ASSHOLE COMMENTERS GET THE MOST ACTION. AND I KEEP FORGETTING THAT JEZ'S COMMENTING CULTURE IS THE WORST NOW.

I cannot IMAGINE that I am somehow more mature than the entire internet, but why is everyone's instinct to go into attack mode? I read that. I thought it was not super entertaining. I thought, "meh, sometimes jobs suck, and hers definitely is one of those." I thought, "what amount of money would make me put up with that?" I thought, "Oooh, which celebrity?! Tell me!" I did not instantly hate her, everything she stands for, and the fact that I spent a couple minutes reading a thing as I slack off at work.

However, most of the commenters seemed to think:

  • She is making this up.
  • Every single entry level job is exactly this bad and she shouldn't have even bothered to open her stupid mouth.
  • She is stupid to put up with this.
  • She is stupid to think she SHOULDN'T have to put up with this.
  • "It's barely readable" - if it's barely readable, you either don't speak English as well as would be required to fully understand anything on this site, or you're barely literate. Everything doesn't have to be a masterpiece.
  • That she is under the delusion that she and this celebmonster are actual "friends".
  • That she is avoiding referring to herself as a lowly assistant.
  • And then, of course, a whole bunch of stories about how people had jobs like this and it was simultaneously 1) just fine/normal/"it's called having a boss" and also 2) horrific and we should all be impressed with the martyrdom of that commenter.


Look - I know (firsthand) that having a shitty boss sucks, and that most of us go through it at some point or another. That doesn't make a story about a supremely shitty boss worthless. I hate this phrase, but, LIGHTEN UP, commenters. Don't act so supremely offended that you read something you didn't enjoy.

She seemed somewhat privileged. I don't know. I don't know what her end-game is. I don't know how much she gets paid, or what her debt looks like, or whatever. No one is calling her out for being privileged. They are calling her out for acting like she deserves to be treated like a goddamn human at her job. Just because many of us have had a shitty boss, doesn't mean everyone else HAS to! GAH. The readership here skews young, yet every so often everyone acts like they are some sort of bootstrappy baby boomer who hates everyone who has ever said anything negative about a job of any kind.

Fucking job-oppression olympics!