Anyone a fan of NOT doing Thanksgiving, and using that time to engage in hermit-like slothfulness? My favorite Thanksgiving was 10 years ago, when instead of traveling home, I decided to stay in. Since friends needed pet-sitting, my cat and I were joined by one friend’s dog, and another friend’s cat. I stayed in my PJs all weekend and binge-watched Gilmore Girls DVDs and read all of the Twilight series (don’t judge).

There have been some Thanksgiving’s since where I’ve been obligate to spend it with my family/family friends, my ex’s family, I’ve decided to go visit a friend a few hours away, or I’ve joined in a Friendsgiving. BUT, I like hermitting best.

I’m super-excited to hermit. But at this point, I have had to lie to my Dad, and to some of the people I work with, assuring them that I am going to a Friendsgiving held on Saturday (which is true of last year, when I went to two Friendsgivings on Wed and Sat). I don’t want my Dad giving me a hard time over not coming home, and with other people, they were starting to get pitying looks and I assured them I would be doing something just to stave off pity invites.

I am making some Thanskgiving food, but dammit, I’m gonna stay in my PJs and be lazy with my pets and actually have time to RELAX!