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Untitled: or, a random anecdote about my girlfriend.

As some of you know, my girlfriend is transgender. She's had the misfortune of having lived in this godawful town since she was 13. She didn't start transitioning until some time after time after high school, and she still occasionally runs into people who don't know she transitioned. Case in point: the other day she was chatting with one of her coworkers, a coworker with whom she went to school and even hung out a few times. Anyway, I guess she was talking about her brother, and her coworker suddenly asked about [insert her old name here], thinking he was another brother of hers. The coworker didn't recognize her at all. According to her, she didn't give a straight answer to the question about her "brother," but she also didn't out herself (she's not out at work). Apparently this isn't the first time someone in town has confused her prior identity for a separate person. The funny part is I've seen pictures of her from high school, and she pretty much looks the same, at least from the neck above (she grew her hair out way before she ever transitioned). There's no way her prior identity could be mistaken for a separate person. We think in the case of her coworker, they've convinced themselves that my girlfriend couldn't possibly be that other person. The cognitive dissonance is strong in that one, I guess.


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