Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I received a family heirloom ring from my husband-to-be - his mother wore it before and saved it for him. In other words, it was free, and there was no ring shopping or anything. It's been passed down in his family since the end of the 19th century so it's incredibly special.

It's also kinda large with a prominent stone (Tiffany setting). Now, hear me out. I'm not complaining about having such a beautiful and valuable possession; I am grateful for it. But my boss can't stop commenting on it. (She's the division head, not my direct boss. My direct boss thinks this commentary is inappropriate.) She even said something about it in the interview (illegal). Today she basically told me that I need to hide it or stop wearing it into the courthouse. I tried to tell her I don't feel comfortable EVER taking it off. I never do - shower, working out, anything. It's old and meaningful and mother-in-laws are scary.


Anyway, I feel like she's made her opinion known, and I work in a building full of sheriff's deputies so I have never gotten all that nervous about being mugged inside the courthouse. There are always tons of people around when I leave and go to the car as well. I have turned it around so it looks like a plain gold band when I felt it wasn't safe. Can't this lady trust my judgment and not tell me what to wear/not wear in the office?

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