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We're at the midway point of the Oh Honey No Chronicles and BumbleBeaver yesterday gifted us with yet another installment of The Doctor who thinks health is for other people. (Cue reference to lost episode of The Wire: Diarrhea Comin')


In the comments ShinyRedRobot was the first to suggest that the whole "job" was a ruse and called for another category: #12: There is no job. (And maybe one for UHG really isn't a MD after all?)

The first pic was closest I could get to Hiddleston & a SOCK PUPPET. GET IT? GET IT?


Don't forget to congratulate NomNom83 for her glorious win yesterday.


ETA: I haven't re-posted the spread sheet—if you want in on this category or one suggested by Mr. Disconnected: UHG tries to overstay her welcome, let me know in the comments.

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