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Up and At 'Em! Thursday O/T

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I hope nobody minds that I jumpstarted this.

My faithful hound (not the one pictured) got me out of bed at 3 this morning to take a walk. He never does this so I figured he was having some GI issues. Apparently not, but we took a long walk around the deserted and silent (except for the firecrackers, which have been going off for a couple of weeks now) neighborhood. I think he just had an especially bad dream. He dreams all the time. He doesn’t bark when awake but in his sleep he’ll muffle-bark and scratch at the wall next to his bed. I hope in his dreams he is joyfully barking and running toward or with something, and not running away in fear for his life. Since he is the friendliest creature I’ve ever known I don’t think he knows what an enemy is.


Anyway, so what’s new? I did my taxes yesterday. Yeee-ouch! I used one of the popular online tax prep services and I think they got something wrong but it wasn’t their fault. I will be making the payments on 7/15 and think I’ll get some of it back at some later date. The IRS and NY State are actually pretty good about correcting errors that are in the taxpayers’ favor.

I have absolutely nothing to do today so I may binge-watch “Fallet,” a NetFlix Swedish comedy/drama police procedural series recently recommended to me. It only ran for one season so that should be doable. Then for dinner tonight I’m making chicken alfredo because I haven’t in a while and I want to remember how to do it from memory, before my COVID-19-lockdown-related mental decline gets any worse.


The floor is all yours.

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