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Up she rises

Spoilers for “Legends of Tomorrow” up to S2E09 (so please, no spoilers further than that excluding the Crisis Event or I’ll hate you very much ;) ) and “Dark Matter” season 1.

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“Legends of Tomorrow” from the start had the same exact problem as “Dark Matter”, a leader/lead actor who wasn’t up to it.
While One was the most boring and bland guy in history who was so laughably not up for the job, “Legends of Tomorrow” had a very different leadership problem. Rip was just too cartoon, too much an obvious copy of Ten (without any of the depth and nuance).
 I legit laughed out loud the first time Hunter opened his mouth, because it was just too ridiculous, even for a super obviously silly show.
He was very much a kid’s vision and version of the coolest hero in history and never evolved to something more challenging.
Thankfully Legends did the same as Dark Matter and ditched both the equally annoying villain plus the lead guy by season 2 and interestingly they did the same as Dark Matter and made the lead woman the #1.
With Dark Matter it was more organically, Two had been calling the shots since the beginning anyway, it was just a matter of making it official (and yes, I had been miffed from the start that the actress was second regarding credits despite being the lead), with Legends they made it a point and a funny one. I just loved how the change in leadership happened in a time period were men were supposed to be in charge and how Stein demonstrated that being the eldest and knowing how to navigate difficult situations doesn’t make you a great leader. Not to say that Sarah is perfect (some baaad decisions), but it felt right from the start and it was a relieve not having this pompous clown Hunter in charge anymore.

While both shows are super different, both had a challenging 1st season with a very lacking lead and found their stride in season 2 after obviously realizing that the team dynamic needed a bigger change. It made such a difference regarding group chemistry, Legends became more of a group effort after they axed the story that was exclusively Rip Hunter’s. The story itself still doesn’t make any sense, and the fact stands that history’d be fine if the Legends simply didn’t exist to mess things up. But I love the characters, I love all those little details and how comfortable they are in each others presence. Much with Dark Matter a nuisance got removed which drastically changed and improved the way the team interacted with each other.
And in the same way I actually liked Jace Corso, I also like the current alter ego of Hunter, they are both fine in small doses.

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