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Welcome To The Bitchery

The St. Louis area got like a foot of snow starting yesterday afternoon (#SNOWMAGEDDON2019). Highways became a mess quickly. Some people were trapped overnight on the interstates due to accidents and volume. A lot of people I know took 3-6 hours to get home last night.

Don’t get on air and lament how people should be able to plan better when they know major snow events are coming.

First of all, most of the damn time when St. Louis gets a 4-8 inch forecast, we see like 3 inches of snow. So when we hear 8-12 inches of snow, that’s a little ridiculous. We haven’t had snow like that since 2014, and I believe that was the first time since 1983 we had more than 10 inches in one storm fall here.


Second of all, fuck you. People can’t just say to their bosses, “hey, I’m leaving 5 hours early today because of the weather.” That goes over like a lead balloon. None of my retail jobs would accept that. I would have been docked future shifts in retaliation. Not to mention usually I couldn’t afford to lose a shift’s work of pay just because the weather might get bad. Even in my office jobs, the only boss I had who was all “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” when there was bad weather also lived really far from the office.

Assholes. You know people can’t just walk out early without their business infrastructure approving it.

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