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There is going to be a new She-Hulk ongoing series starting this February. It will be written by Charles Soule (Thunderbolts.) I am excited.


The Fearless Defenders #10 comes out this week. It is a [sigh] "Infinity" tie-in. While the Avengers have been off in space fighting the Builders, Thanos was like, "Let's party, gang! Last one to Earth's a rotten egg." Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau and the rest of the Mighty Avengers fought an unpleasant blue alien soldier. The Valkyrior will apparently find themselves in...a dance battle. I enjoy a good dance battle. Also, there will be the introduction of a new character.

The next issue of Captain Marvel will be out on the 30th. Currently, Carol Danvers is off with the rest of the Avengers in space. She has amnesia and her Binary powers. And she is sorry for being a badass (except not really!)

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