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Upcoming wedding travel, conflicted

We've gotten a couple of invitations to weddings that require travel in the next few months. These are co-workers of my husband's, and I can tell that he'd really like to go. He's worked at the same company for about 15 years so these are long-standing relationships and the people getting married are team members of his who are really nice people. But the travel! Blerg.

The first one is driving distance (about 6 hours), but it is over Labor Day weekend and the particular drive (up and down the northeast corridor) will probably be pretty bad then. This is doable, although a pain in the neck, and I really like the city where the wedding will be so maybe we can make it into a touristy opportunity. So, fine.


Just yesterday we got a save-the-date for the second one, which requires a flight. It's also about 2.5 months after our baby is due. The bride told my husband that she is going to have childcare at the wedding so we could bring our two year old, which is really nice and thoughtful of her. The flight is short (two hours), but a flight with a two year old who can't sit still plus a newborn who hasn't yet been vaccinated? I know people make trips like this (and longer) all the time, but for the wedding of someone who isn't a family member or a close friend? That's sort of crazy, right?

I feel like I'm often telling my husband that I vote no on stuff like this since we had our son, and I feel bad. But I also feel like this period in our lives will be relatively short and if I say yes then the weekend of the wedding I will spend the entire weekend stressed and thinking to myself "I should have followed my instincts and said no!" Maybe the best option is I should send my husband and go stay with my parents for the weekend so they can help with my older son?

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