Mr. Ivriniel goes to court on Friday. His Lawyer and the Crown have come up with a deal to present to the judge: Mr. I pleads guilty and gets a 1 year license suspension and a $1 500 fine. Whether the judge decides to take it or not is up to him but there's no real reason for him not to.

Anyways, Mr. Ivriniel was talking to his Dad today. His Dad is of the opinion that Mr. Ivriniel should argue with the judge about the license suspension. Apparently my FiL doesn't understand how the Justice system work.

My FIL said is of the opinion that suspending Mr I's license serves no purpose, and that it is barrier to Mr. I earning a living.

If you ask me, the real reason is that my FiL is in denial about the situation. My FiL will drive after he has been drinking, and has been known to say "the horse knows its way home" when challenged on it. (Mr. I on the other hand would not have driven if he had known his blood alcohol was elevated.). To admit Mr. I did something wrong, means admitting what he is doing is wrong, and that,s just not in his make up.

I also find this rich coming from my FiL, the Reform Party Conservative, who supposedly believes people should feel the consequences of their actions.