The cyst, abscess, whatever it was, has been lanced, drained, and gauzed.

Huge thanks to my mom for making me go ahead and get it over with. I am not ashamed to say that she held my hand during the numbing process (lidocaine injections right into the tender, burning hot tissue) and bought me lunch afterward.

Thank you to the lovely people at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic. Especially Hot Ginger Doctor who did an excellent job just getting in there and getting out and for dealing with a panicky young lady who literally cried when I was told that he would need to drain it.

I kinda made a huge deal out of it even though the injections were the worst part. I was freaking the fuck out about the actual lancing but Hot Ginge only poked it with the scalpel. The incision is barely half an inch long. I didn't feel any of it after he lidocained me up.

Lastly, thanks to all you lovely ladies and gents here on Groupthink for helping me through this. I was not in a good place with this earlier this week and you all managed to calm me down and manage my expectations about what was about to go down. THANK YOU!