UPDATE 2: Let’s say one does “want” to spend $3000 moving across the country. Does anyone have any recommendations on moving companies? I have a U-Pack reserved and some ideas about labor help getting my stuff into and out of the cube, but I’m also starting to wonder if the price difference of just hiring a truck with movers and packing materials isn’t worth it.


UPDATE: There were some great ideas in the comments, and I will pursue them. I feel a lot better that I will be able to do this on my own and feel a lot less scared.

I’m not trying to be whiny, I just really don’t want to have to pack up all my stuff and drive and unpack all by myself. I’d like to throw some money at the problem so that one aspect of this hellish move can be a little easier on me. Not having a partner or supportive family or close friends makes all this that much harder. I just don’t have very much money, but I understand that I will need to splurge if I want some help. Thank you for all of your comments.


I’m not driving a big truck across the mountains on my own. Plus, what about my car.


How does one find a moving company to do the actual moving for them that doesn’t cost $3000? I don’t have much money, but I also don’t have much patience.

And yes, I want to keep some, if not all, of my furniture. And yes, I want it all to get there safely. And yes, I am probably doing all of this on my own. And yes, I want someone else to do the packing and driving—I’m tired of moving, I’m tired of doing everything on my own, and I’m tired of being tired. I want some help. I just don’t want to spend all of my savings on it.

p.s. I’m sorry I’m already snarky. I’m tired and scared and tired.