So yesterday I told you guys about the horrible person that was my kid's substitute teacher. Big C had a mini-panic attack last night when she was getting ready for bed. She began to cry and say she did not want to go back to school. Apparently the sub threatened to tear everyone's papers up who did not complete a test within the time given. WTF? (ETA: My daughter is 8 years old. and in 3rd grade)

I wish I could tell you that I had a heart to heart with the Principal, but it did not happen. I went to the school today, I did not find him. I would have called but was in meetings all day, so I sent NomNom/Laurensjam/my own flavor letter to the principal with a read receipt/delivery. I added the whole tearing papers up incident as well.

About an hour after I sent it, I receive the read receipt. "Ok, good, I am going to finally hear back," I thought. I waited, I stared at my computer, NOTHING. NEVER. STILL WAITING.

I also sent her teacher an email. And I was relieved that she at least had the sense to reply. Ms. M read the email during her lunch period, and spoke to Big C immediately. Ms.M knew that the sub would be there later in the day to take over while she was in a meeting, so she asked Big C if she wanted to go to the other 3rd grade class, and she gladly accepted to go. Ms. M called the insulted girl's family to made them aware of what happened and also spoke to the student. When I called Big C this afternoon to check in on her, she was very chipper and happy that her problem had been addressed, I felt she was relieved.


But you guys want to know what the sad thing is here? (aside from Mr.iwillreadyouremailbutnotreply) the little girl (let's call her Jenny) who was insulted on Monday, BULLIED MY KID TODAY! Ms. M let me know in her email that this happened before the incident with the substitute was even brought up. When I called Big C, I asked her about this, she told me Jenny asked kids to raise their hands if they did not like Big C in front of the entire lunch group. Big C is a lot more forgiving than my bitter, jaded adult self. Big C said she was fine, it did not feel good to see some kids raise their hands, but that Jenny was probably just being mean because people were mean to her. WHAT?

What kid did I raise that has more level headedness than me? I told her that even so, it was not okay that Jenny did that. Ms. M let me know that Jenny is being sent to the office in the morning, and that her parents have also been made aware of this incident. I have asked that Jenny write an apology to my daughter, because I feel like Big C deserves it.


Anyway...this is a lot longer than I wanted it to be. But to close I want to say, 2 things.

1. I am still not done with this. I want to be acknowledged my the principal so I have the day off tomorrow and will be in the school until he sees me.

2. thank you all for your kind words, the perspective and the advice yesterday.