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Update: I was finally able to access their stupid code on Firefox for Android, which I never ever use but have installed on my phone nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who joined me on this adventure, I can't wait to see if I actually get $100 or whatever out of this.


Earlier today I went to Chase Bank to open an account with them. I'd been meaning to do it for the past month or so because while I'm satisfied with my account with U.S. Bank, all of the USB locations here are in super weird, inconvenient spots, but there is a Chase branch super close to me, so I figured why not. Anyway, I finally went to the Chase office down the street this morning. I sat down with the banker, and he asked me if I had my coupon. I was confused, and he said that they have a promotion right now where if you open a new account, there's some sort of coupon/rewards/whatever code, and they'll give you (supposedly) $100 with no strings attached. Apparently the code is online, and he tried to have me find it on smartphone, but my phone wouldn't connect to the internet. That's not too unusual for me inside buildings in downtown SJ, so I just shrugged it off. My banker said if I could get the code to him within 7 business days, he'd let me have the offer even though customers are supposed to redeem it right before they come in to open an account. I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to find this code, and I can't find a functional link to it anywhere across two browsers and with AdBlock disabled (you never know). I've found multiple mentions on it on finance blogs, but otherwise it doesn't seem to exist. What the hell? If someone here can find a working link, I might just send them $10.


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