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Welcome To The Bitchery

Update and Groupthink Group Hug

Hello my lovely GTer's. On Sunday morning I had an emergency situation and had received communication from a friend indicating that they had attempted to take their own life. I want to thank everyone who reached out with advice and well-wishes and emotional support. Thank you thank you thank you. Every last comment and piece of advice helped. I did not feel alone any longer.


I've found out that my friend survived the attempt and is in the hospital currently. I am not able to get any further information at this time as to how their condition is, but I know that family is involved and my friend is not alone at this time. Although obviously there is a huge relief in knowing they are alive, now more than ever I need to buckle down and think about what I can do to help them heal. That is honestly scaring me almost as much. My friend has very limited resources and not much in the way of a support network. Family is no good to start with and the depression has caused them to alienate a lot of friends. I want to help as much as possible but I'm very concerned that my best is not going to be enough, especially at a distance.

It's an incredible blessing that what I thought was the end is not, but I'm intimidated by the journey I'm starting on here. I am so thankful to be connected to such a great group of people here, who are so willing to speak candidly and directly. I'm in totally uncharted territory here, and it is scary, but knowing that I can ask for help and experience from people who have been through tough stuff is so... fortifying. So, thanks Groupthink. Group hug!

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