to tell someone they're not invited to a wedding!

For those of you just tuning in, Jo's great aunt is wheelchair bound, and her care aide is an awful malignant piece of shit who embezzled $40000 from said aunt. Unsurprisingly, I'm not happy with the idea of having her (PoS care aide) at the wedding, and we had to tell great-aunt that she'd have to bring a respite care aide or have my uncle's wife, who's also trained as a care aide, take care of her at the wedding, as I don't want that awful woman there while I'm saying my vows. She literally gets my blood pressure up when I have to be in the same room as her, which I do when I go visit.

WELL, apparently, I shouldn't care about what piece of shit did to my aunt, because it was my aunt, not me, who had all that money stolen from her, and if she could find it in her heart to use the virtue of Christian forgiveness, surely I should be able to. And if it was anyone else, she would just refuse to go to the wedding on principle. But because it's me, she'll *consider* coming and get back to me.

Note that one of the main reasons we are having the wedding in the city we are having it in is so she'd be able to attend. But apparently, having it in a city she lives in the suburbs of is not considerate enough, and she has to ride in a car for a whole 45 minutes to get there! I should have held it in her little podunk suburb. Never mind that organizing a wedding remotely is a HUGE pain in the ass, and trying to find vendors in a bedroom community of 40 000 would have cost me an extra $10 000 in delivery and overtime charges, and OH MY GOD I COULD HAVE JUST GOTTEN MARRIED HERE INSTEAD OF DRIVING ALL OVER HELLS HALF ACRE FOR THIS FUCKING WEDDING.