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Update: beta-testing apartment

Seems to have gone well (note to self, when you know 2 teenagers are going to be visiting - make lots of extras stuff to eat, put the fruit bowl in front of them, distract them with bread). Issues I knew about - I do not have seating for 6 people (me, twin teen girls, and polyandrous triple), I do not have plates et cetera for 6.

  • Do not plan meal around tacos or similar that can be eaten faster than ingredients can be cooked.
  • When there are teens, do not worry about having left-overs - buy more than than what a pack of hyenas could eat.
  • Make the meal something one-pot so you get to sit down with your guests - I got one damned taco that took me 40 minutes to eat as I was frying up everything that was defrosted.

I am pretty sure there were more lessons to be learned but the good thing is that this is a family whose members I have known separately for 30-40 years and as a family for 25 years but I am still an introvert who is sure that no one likes him.

They were impressed by my work space, I could speak to them about craft projects - one of the husbands was the guy who made my workbench; it was to be in exchange for teaching twins and mom to make glass beads but after 4 months, I just paid the guy for his work. The twins brought up that they were learning Kanji characters since they are a family of martial artists (mostly aikido and tai chi) so I brought out the mask I made when I was trying to recreate the Kanji-like masks from "The Face of Another". I complained about how I hate not being able to immediately produce what is in my head, that produced a nods of agreement.


And, of course, I babbled because I am not well socialized. As they were leaving, I asked if they could help me figure out how to lay out my living room since I am clueless so they said they would help.

As they left, one of the husbands said "I think your apartment passed the beta-test" - that is how I worded the invite "help me beta-test my apt". I take that as a win so maybe I will do this again in a couple months.

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