Seriously, you're all the bestest. BESTIEST OF BESTEST. I was feeling so horribly down last night and you all helped me so much that what could have been a terrible downward spiral turned into just a few hours of ugly crying and a "fuck you digestive system, I'm gonna eat this delicious BLT that the Captain made because I NEED COMFORT BACON."

So, because a few people asked after that one program did a double tap on my dreams of going there for my creative writing MFA, I've posted both of my writing samples to my Kinja page. WARNING: THEY ARE LONG.

They are:

Suburbs of Olympus


Three Days

NOTE: Three Days is graphic in its imagery. If you are squeamish or easily triggered by medical stuff or death, I really don't recommend reading it.


I'M ONLY KEEPING THESE UP FOR 24 HOURS before I delete them. Since they are still current works of progress; I don't want them up for an extended length of time.

If you get a chance to read: THANK YOU! If you don't get a chance to read: I STILL LOVE YOU, EVEN IF YOU ARE AN ILLITERATE ILLITERUTSON. ;)