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Update from a Heath Hudson on last weeks Craigs List ad story

So last Tuesday Jezebel posted this article about an offensive craigslist ad. In it, they target a specific Heath Hudson.

Heath Hudson is from Ontario. Heath Hudson is the son of a welder. Heath Hudson is an struggling actor/comedian. Heath Hudson vlogs. Heath Hudson's dream is to be interviewed by Howard Stern. What else should we know about Heath Hudson? Oh, all Heath Hudson – or apparently someone pretending to be him – needs to get what he wants is his very own perfect personal assistant.


Of course, a commenter calling himself Heath Hudson turned up in the comments section.

I think what is "creepy" here is that the author of this article Google searched Heath Hudson and assumed that just because all my info came up first that I posted the ad. It took one email to find out that the Heath Hudson in San Diego, not Ontario, Canada wrote this, in his words; "a humorous job posting". He also said that he received over 75 applicants since he posted it on December 13, 2013 and they got the joke about a serious job offer.

P.S. The first five lines at the top of the article are true and taken right from my Twitter page.
P.P.S I found this article while Googling myself... I was trying to find this commercial;

The actor portraying the presumed Dad in the family in the ad appears to look like the Heath Hudson calling himself "BigGiantHeath".

On Heath Hudson from Canada's twitter feed, he actually interacted with a few radio stations from Canada.


I interacted with him in the comments and told him to tell me if the interview ever got put online. Sure enough, he responded, with this Sound Cloud featuring his interview with a Canadian talk show called The Barry Morgan Show.


He basically repeats his story that he relayed it tweets and comments earlier, adding that he has his own Pepper Pots that is his wife.

Then, interestingly, another Heath Hudson has shown up in the comments, claiming to be the actual author of the original San Diego craigslist post, attempting to clear the name of the Heath Hudson who claims he was erroneously charged.


The original Heath Hudson who claims he was erroneously targeted is currently trying to, as he said in the interview with Barry Morgan, milk it. He has been posting a phenomenal number of tweets to various media personalities in attempt to get his story picked up by additional outlets, but it's hard to tell if it's actually been picked up by much.


I can't confirm or deny much of this story, obviously. It's entirely possible this is some elaborate hoax by one Heath Hudson to get some viral media his way. I'm doubtful of that, but without doing the leg work, I can't honestly say I know anything. But I do think either way, Jezebel probably had an obligation to its readers to do a bit more leg work to ensure they were targeting the right personality on the Internet. It certainly would have been nice to see some justification for why an Ontarian would be looking for an assistant in San Diego, and maybe an indication that they attempted to reach out to him for his side of the story first.

I've tried to link to a lot of resources so if there's any mistakes feel free to let me know. A giant hat tip to whoever shared this to GT originally. I can't remember who, already blew a lot of time on this, and can't find through search, so feel free to identify yourself and I'll update.


Edit - Adding that the language on the article did change and Jezebel did supply the following on the bottom of the article:

This post has been updated, as Heath Hudson denies that he wrote this plea for his own Pepper Potts.

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