I just wanted to give an update from my earlier post.

Things are better now. I've had a chance to relax and talk to the doctor. They put me on Invokana instead of Victoza. It's still pricy but not nearly as bad. As far as i can tell my insurance must not have covered the Victoza. The doctor also gave me 15 sample pills and a savings card that makes refills as low as $5. I'll still have to use my CC to get these new pills as well as the two blood pressure meds that are waiting but it's just more motivation to get healthy

I've also found a new found appreciation for my fiance. I was texting her all day and she was so supportive. She was the one who suggested i email the doctor, i wasn't going to at first but i'm glad i listened to her. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

I'm also going to get help from my aunt who i am living with until we get married. She is going to help me get myself going when i come home to work out. I appreciate having her help me as well


Lastly thank you to everyone who replied with thier kind words. I was really feeling horrible after that docvtor visit. Weight spiked, BP still crappy despite takling the pills. I had been off for a few days since i hadn't gotten the refills yet but i didn't think it would make a big deal, well i guess it does. I was just really upset and feeling not to good about myself. I appreciate everyone's encouragement and support and sharing your own experiences about weight issues and health. It means a lot to me, thank you.