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Update from Greece

Not *that* kind of travel journal.

For the past few weeks I've been doing regular vacation stuff such as relaxing at the beach and going to the bar (which is not illegal for me there.) Spending whole days swimming and hiking, or exploring castles, and its been wonderful.

Yesterday I arrived at my yiayias hometown of 25 people. Not on the map. It's pretty amazing to be where she grew up (until age 14 when she moved to Canada.) Also amazing to know that my mom and aunts also came and visited here when they were my age.


Yesterday and today I hiked to many churches and monestaries to explore, and ended up seeing gospel manuscripts and venetian song books from the 9th century, not to mention the gold and jewel covered corpses of Saints from the 1st century.

I'll be Crofting it up for a few more days here (I take things too far I think) before going to Crete. Love and miss you!


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