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UPDATE from yesterday.

Thanks for all the input on the pantyliner quest, yesterday. My shows went really well and I didn't have any problem with things getting stuck to the wrong places. Even though we had the answer in the first post, that discussion turned out to be much more informative than I thought it would be. I really appreciate the everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask element of this board. I'm comfy with my friends, but there are only a couple that I would talk about vaginal discharge with. Even then that's only the experience of one or two people. It's nice to be able to open awkward things up to the entire board.

Along those lines, I've been kind of kicking around the idea of creating a cis/trans women vagina talk thread. It's super rude to ask a trans woman about her vagina, but I also think it's normal to be curious and that people might be curious about the similarities and differences between neo and natal vaginas. I also have somethings that I'm curious about as far as cis vaginas, so I think it could be a good exchange. However, I'm still not exactly sure what I would want out of that kind of thread, so I don't think I would post it anytime soon. If I did, do you guys think there would be any interest?


And now, I'm off to entertain the masses.

(I feel like I should be turning to a camera somewhere (while wearing a white tennis skirt, of course) and with a finger to my lips and a knowing wink say, "They'll never know I'm having vaginal discharge. Thanks Carefree with wings!" [cue wind machine and slow motion hair shake])

Jayne out.

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