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Update: I Cannot Be a Vegan

Thank you to everyone who offered me advice last week. For 72 hours, I went full vegan. And it was a disaster.

I had no energy, I was super crabby, I got out of breath very easily and when I woke up on Monday my whole body felt bruised.


I know I did everything "right," but the interesting thing about the human body is that what makes one person feel amazing is terrible for someone else.

So I'm going back to low carb. Or I should say I've gone back — and within 2 days, I feel light, happy, energized and content.

In short: bodies, man. What's up with them?

I still feel endlessly conflicted about the animal issue. I'm trying to do a lower meat version, which so far has been pretty easy, but part of me just has to acknowledge that this is the way I was meant to eat, hence the good feelings vs. bad feelings.


I don't know why I've offered this confession. I suppose I feel guilty and a little sad that I'm not cut out for a plant-based lifestyle, but there you have it.

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