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Update: I Got The Job!

Just got the call with an offer which I immediately accepted. I considered briefly asking for more money but what they offered was more than I originally said was acceptable. I am pretty stoked. I just got an outline via email of what is expected of me between now and my first day, 9/8.

I have to get a pre employment screening and physical. This entails the usual exam along with verification of immunization etc. They said they can provide me with any immunizations that I am not up to date on like a tetanus shot. However, as I stated in my earlier post, I'm pregnant. I plan on taking everyone's advice and not disclosing this to my boss. I will being talking to my OB about whether or not it is safe to get things like flu, TB, and tetanus shots while pregnant as I am considered high risk. But, if I cannot have these shots because of my pregnancy how will I avoid disclosure? Can emp.health inform HR that I am pregnant if I feel I need to tell them? The tail end of the email says that my employment is dependent on this physical and criminal background check.

I hate that I have to try and hide my pregnancy status from my potential employer. I'm not a great bullshitter.

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