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Update: I'm not quitting my job

But something else might be happening? I had a veeeery weird day on Thursday.

First of all, thanks to everyone who gave me really solid advice earlier this week. You were all correct, quitting without having something lined up would be incredibly foolish and would make things much harder down the road. So i’m sticking around.

On Thursday I went to a big boss - though not the big boss of my department. This job’s set up is so ridiculous. I never see my boss, or her boss and they basically have no idea what is going on with my team or what daily life is like for us. But I see and work with this guy nearly every day, and how well I do my job directly affects him and his department. He isn’t just a supervisor either, he’s about as high up as you can get without being THE boss. He has clout. And he LOVES me.


So I go to him and tell him what’s up, how i’m not sure what do to about the job situation and all the ways my supervisor makes me miserable. And he basically goes “could you do a better job?” Not in a cruel way, but legitimately asking if I think I could do better at managing our team than she does. He spends about 10 minutes telling me all the ways I would be able to do it better, and then says he will go talk to my boss’s boss. Which, kind of got me into trouble. She called me in to her office and asked me why I went to big boss instead of her, and basically told me all the ways things are NOT going to change and that I need to suck it up and wait for a raise that may or may not come. Which kind of illustrates the reason why I went to big boss instead of her.

So I went from an inkling of hope for real change, to that being extinguished very quickly. Big boss came by my desk a few hours later to see how my conversation went with boss’s boss. I told him it was pretty neutral. Not good, not bad. And he told me “I have a plan. So far all i’ve gotten is a no, but I know how to work this system. I know how to get what I want. So sit tight, I have a plan.”

Which is just.. What?? I told him I wanted to quit and he counters with “i’m gonna get you a promotion and a raise and then i’ll be your boss and that’s how we can solve all your problems.”

So now I’m curious, but i’m not holding out for it. But I did get some more time off for Christmas, so that takes care of that much.

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