My stupid friends are stupid and don't want to hang out with me. (They aren't actually stupid, they are super sweet, they just have lives and can't hang out with me Right Now when I want them too because I'm a spoiled baby)

Tonight I had the most delicious pizza from take-out and am now eating Tiramisu, so good! I greatly enjoyed my snackchoices of today! But after spending the whole day in bed I'm getting fidgety. Although I'm not sure it's worth a shower, I want to get out of the house for an hour or so.


I've been thinking about checking out this cocktail bar near to where we're staying for a slow but very enjoyable drink. It looks really nice so I invited several people. But literally every single person I know is in a relationship and weekends are couple time so no one has time. I do not have enough sociable/single people in my social network to entertain me at the drop of the hat, is basically what my problem is..

Maybe I'll go by myself with a book or something. I want to go there but standing in a busy place by myself without a friend to talk to? (without being able to take a seat and read a bit?)


Edit: I signed up for dutch okcupid and surprisingly, there's more douchebags on dutch okcupid than on dutch Tindr. Go figure.