Oh, the Tinder, just like IRL dating. I posted in, I’ve Jumped the Shark that I signed on to Tinder, and arranged a couple dates for this weekend. Yay!

Okay, maybe not so yay. Date 1: The man in question’s pictures made it appear that he resembled ARod. In reality he resembled ARod’s shrunken grandfather. Looks aren’t everything though, right? He was polite, punctual, well spoken (in two languages), holds a professional job, and we share common interests and values. Despite all this, GT, he was just so darn DULL. Passive. No spark of humor. Sigh. A truly nice fellow, but just not it. He made several remarks about “next time” and even texted afterwards to say he enjoyed our time, but no; it’s just not going to happen.

Date 2: This one imploded before it happened thankfully. Dude wanted to “take a long walk” as the meet-up. It’s near 90 degrees here and humid as hell. No, I don’t want to go for a random long walk. I suggested a compromise of a visit to a museum. There we could walk (his interest) and actually see/do something (my interest). Fine. He chose a time, I agreed. However, I then looked up the hours for the museum, and they close at the time he wanted to meet. Either he A) isn’t capable of handling important details, or B) he planned it this way, so that we would be left outside and have to aimlessly wander as he originally wanted. Neither A nor B work for me - handle your shit and don’t be manipulative. I texted back that about the hours and requested an earlier time. No reply. I texted again and said I would give until noon for a reply or we would have to reschedule. No reply, but he dropped me as a match. Hahahahaha. Can’t say I am disappointed.

Others who matched but I have dropped/unmatched: The man who continually addresses me as “beautiful” instead of using my name; the racist; and the one who requested a meet up and never followed through with a date/time; and all of those who after more than 2 days has failed to send a message or respond to a message I’ve sent.

Left on the list of matches: the guy who seems to be a good match -irreverent sense of humor, similar background and interests, and also professional. We’ve been chatting quite a bit. Also on the radar, guy who is currently on a business trip (so he says) but we will chat more when he returns, and guy who asks (and answers) interesting questions.


How goes it for the other Tinder/OkCupid/dating folks?