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UPDATE - maybe chlamydia, baby?

Dear GT,

Thank you for being so generous and kind with your replies on my question yesterday. I got swabbed for my annual Pap test / chlamydia and gonnorrhoea, and results should be ready by next Monday. My GYN is the best, really - she was kind, reassuring and kept me calm during our appointment.

I was in a bit of a mood last evening and my partner successfully tried to get back in my good books with ice cream and pound cake. I quizzed him some more and poor man finally let out that his GP prescribed the antibiotics to see if the problem would go away (Countess von Fingerbang called it!) so thr chlamydia was really the GP’s assumption and he will only test further if my partner is still unwell when the course ends.


I do feel like I need to march up to the GP’s clinic and start hitting him with a thousand dildos, but I shan’t. Until I get my results back, I’ll just keep my legs closed and not have sex with my partner. Urrrrrrrggggggggh.

Thank you again, GT. I love you all. <3

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