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UPDATE: Moar OKC Weirdness

So first this happened, and then this. I decided, for entertainment's sake, to unblock the dude and ask him what happened. So I responded:

Why did you cancel, and what made you change your mind?

And he responded back

The age difference gave me pause but then I thought it was pretty lame that we didn't even meet, and I thought that was pretty close-minded on my part. I also think it's pretty lame to form any thoughts before meeting in person given that I think most of this online stuff (e.g., profiles and chatting) is a pretty inaccurate depiction of us.


The guy is trying to get one over with something he thinks will read as plausible. That's the most generic, lame excuse I've ever read, because what that actually says (to me, at least) is "I think you're too old for me, and I don't like your profile or your personality, but I'm horny and you're female."

Anyone want to try their hand at translation? I'd LOVE to see what y'all come up with.


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