UPDATE FOUR: The echo chamber on the post has successfully concluded that I am, in fact, the racist one. Because reasons. So, slainte ya'll! Also he sent me a PM that was so fucking condescending my brain is bleeding. But he did confirm that he is anti-abortion, so I think that means he has to turn in his Libertarian card, yes?

So I engaged him because, as I have said, I am a bitch.

Behold the result: (I am blue and he is red-like THE DEVIL)

Update: I don't even know how to respond to this shit:

My Name, technically this was started upon passage of a law that did not (at any point) consult the minority party (and I wont get into the details of how it was passed - "before we read it"). And yes, better to turn it down than fix it later. As a historian, maybe you can answer how many entitlements in the modern era have been taken away after granted (I honestly don't know). With that being said its a role of government and societal contract issue (as you described) and I have to agree with you when you agree to disagree....however, allow me to also comment on "privilege and racist ideals" - and I'll use just one example. As an Asian-American I was lost when I discovered there wasn't a National Merit Asian American Scholarship in high school. Did I look in the mirror and consider myself the majority? Unfortunately, the African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native American National Merit Scholarships were defined, but not for me? Im sorry but if you can't see that is the epitome of race-based laws, im not sure you really cant be considered unbiased. The merits can be debated but it is clearly race-based (and not something libertarians or conservatives agree with) - so please do not lecture libertarians or conservatives on race based ideals. As an Asian American I confidently say that this subject I am speaking of was purely racist - once again you can debate the merits, but you cant debate it showed favorable treatment to specific races.