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Update, Now Weinstein Has Linked to Us, Inaccurately

While still attempting to cover his ass and insult our credibility. "Update: As reflected in the robust comments here, myriad supporters of Linda Tirado on Groupthink take issue with this account. Commenter NYCyclist compiled their issues here. Read them for yourself."

I've responded to his update here.

A correction: As reflected in the robust comments here, myriad WITNESSES TO THESE EVENTS AS THEY UNFOLDED from both Groupthink and Crosstalk have CORRECTED YOU ON FACTS THAT YOU REFUSED TO LOOK UP and who you then chastised on twitter for doubting your version despite them HAVING BEEN THERE.

We're not "taking issue with [your] account." We're questioning the credibility of someone who had access to experts that he refused to ask, and access to the timeline that he refused to look up, when doing so when have shown him that this account is grossly inaccurate in an insulting way.


Paging the bunny patrol.

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