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Update on cat (and what amazing things have you accomplished today?)

Cat is not at animal shelter, and animal control hasn't called me back. According to the park manager, ms. kitty is wandering around outside. They said we can make an appointment to come by next week and get the cat + anything we want to claim from the trailer. I'm not sure there *is* anything we want to claim from the trailer, I don't fancy the idea of trying to find room for any of my sister's stuff (I feel bad that she's losing her whole life, but I live in a very small apartment and don't know where I would put anything). She may have had some family heirlooms though, so I'll look around and see.
I don't really care about her stuff, and since I can't reach her because she has shut off her phone I won't know if there's anything she needs me to grab. BUT I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE GETTING KITTY. I am a little worried about having to leave kitty till next week, but they want to be there when we come by and they're not open tomorrow...
That being said, any suggestions on how to wrangle a cat who might not be in the trailer at the time? She's friendly, she might come up to me, but maybe treats or something to entice her?

I am incredibly proud of myself for calling the animal shelter and animal control even though my anxiety has been through the roof lately, and I was shaking like a leaf. Still kind of am, and I feel wired but not in a good way. I even called a liquor store afterwards! (I've been trying to hunt down a certain craft beer and I haven't been able to find it at my local haunts, but have been too stressed to call places.) I made three phones calls today and the world didn't implode and I'm fine! I feel like maybe I can start adulting again and come out of this.

What wonderful things have you accomplished today or this week?


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