Original post:

So I talked to my boss, the doctor who owns the practice, about everything that happened and laid it all out as clearly as I could.

I was really pleasantly surprised and relieved- he told me straight up that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated in any way, that he would talk to the kid one time and that if it happened again, he’d fire him “if he didn’t push him out the car window on the highway first” (they were about to drive over to the new second location).

Probably not the most professional thing he could’ve chosen to said but it felt pretty appropriate given what I’d shared and how I was feeling about it and kind of put me at ease.


He then went on to say that I was a great employee who added a lot of value and that he wanted me to feel safe and comfortable at work to talk about anything that I felt needed discussing. Then he said I was brave and had a lot of moral character for standing up for what’s right and telling him directly. That made me feel really good.

Anyway, things have been better since I spoke up. Kid seems to be staying in his lane and I’m a lot less on edge when I’m at work. Things turned out better than expected.