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Update on Creepy Maintenance Guy

I went to the property manager today, calmly but firmly laid out the entire saga, enumerated my concerns, and asked for a plan of action.

Background here:


They were appalled, said he would not be allowed to do maintenance or lockouts for my apartment again, and made me new keys right there (thank goodness, not sure if he ever returned the one he cloned on Sunday). They also escalated it to their higher ups to get guidance on whether or not they should terminate him, especially after I expressed my concern that he would still be able to have the ability to make a key for my apartment anytime he wanted.

I mentioned I would prefer to remain anonymous, but they wanted to discuss it with him, too, and had to be able to discuss the details. Creepy side note: turns out that when he called me that night saying he was on his way to the building for another lockout...yeah, there wasn’t another lockout at all, apparently.

I just got the phone call that he was fired. I feel better now that I know he can’t get into the building or make keys to my apartment. I am slightly concerned about when I take my dogs out/walk to my car in case he goes “postal” but I have mace to help alleviate some of that anxiety.

I’m definitely moving out mid May and will feel so much better once he doesn’t know where I live. The property managers are letting me end my lease in May, about a month early. I kind of feel like they should let me end it whenever the fuck I move out, but at this point I’m too worn out from the anxiety to argue.


For now I’m going to enjoy my homemade barbacoa burrito bowl and a glass of red wine. Thank you to all the amazing gals and guys of GT who offered support, resources, encouragement, kind words, and validation. I’m so thankful for this place and for you lovely people.

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