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Update on Cupboard Potato

Since I promised I would, here is an update on Cupboard Potato.

It has been pretty cloudy and rainy here the last couple weeks. While we haven’t had the flooding some places, like Texas, have had, we did get over 4 inches in the last two weeks...average for the entire month of May in my area is ~2 in. But, the weather looks to be finally breaking, it was 70°F today, and looks to be 90°F (UGH!) by the middle of next week, so I decided it was time to get Cupboard Potato out of the cupboard and into the soil.

Here is Cupboard Potato in the pot, before I put dirt under him and over him.


Here is him all the soil. As parts of stem peek out above the soil, I’ll keep filling the pot until it is full.

I put a few slices of red and purple seed potatoes in there with him (a russet) so he wouldn’t get lonely. Hopefully I will end up with a variety of potatoes, and not some weird mutant hybrid. But, whatever I end up with, I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated. :-)


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